Nowka Bais 2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

The Nowka Bais is the perfect showcase to express Britain’s diverse and vibrant communities. For our partners it’s an opportunity to provide a credible & relevant environment for them to engage with their target audience in a meaningful way.

We will be working with Birmingham City Council, Canal and River Trust and a great number of community organisations and businesses throughout theregion to help promote the positive impact of the event.  Sponsoring the Nowka Bais provides you the unique opportunity to connect primarily with the Bangladeshi community, build brand awareness and show your company’s support of an important community initiative.

We have a strong team with members from various parts of the country as the event itself is a national event. We use a variety of channels to help promote the event, including advertising on all the Bangladeshi television channels on the Sky platform, radio talk shows and interviews, banners at key sites in Birmingham, flyers and targeted social media activity.